Tips For Disposing Of Electronics, Appliances & Furniture

Throwing out your old electronics and furniture can seem complicated, but you actually have lots of safe options to do it. Electronic waste and furniture can’t exactly go in with your regular garbage, but with a little bit of preparation, you’ll see it’s not much of a hassle to dispose of these items. Here are…

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Reducing Your Family’s Use of Plastic

Every year about 500 billion plastic bags are produced globally. Americans alone use approximately 100 billion plastic bags per year, with every person using an average of 365 plastic bags annually. These statistics are shocking. It gets even worse because plastic use is everywhere – textiles, product packaging, mobile phones, cosmetic products, and more. The…

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How to Have a Red, White & GREEN 4th of July

This month you are probably gearing up for patriotic activities to celebrate Independence Day on July 4th.  Not only is the 4th of July one of the biggest holidays of the year, but between the single-use plastics and traffic jams, it’s also a day with a major negative impact on the environment.  At Infinite Disposal,…

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Summer Home Cleaning & Maintenance

Having a clean home is important for your mental and physical health.  Most people utilize the spring to do their yearly “deep clean”, but who says that’s the best time to clean?  Or even the only time?  We think the summer is the perfect time to get those big house cleaning jobs done.  Summer is…

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Infinite Disposal’s Guide to Recycling

guide to recycling in colorado springs

A huge part of waste management is recycling.  Why should we recycle? It is a simple concept: when you transform something old into something new, it benefits the environment in a number of ways.  Materials and natural resources are not wasted. Energy is saved during the manufacturing process and there is less waste going to…

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How to Choose a Good Trash Company in Colorado Springs

how to choose a good trash company in colorado springs

If you’re a homeowner or business owner, you have probably dealt with numerous options for waste disposal companies.  At Infinite Disposal, we understand how difficult it can be to find local and reliable trash and recycling services in Colorado Springs.  In this article, we will give you some helpful tips and tricks to help you…

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