Tips For Disposing Of Electronics, Appliances & Furniture

Oct 10, 2021

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Throwing out your old electronics and furniture can seem complicated, but you actually have lots of safe options to do it. Electronic waste and furniture can’t exactly go in with your regular garbage, but with a little bit of preparation, you’ll see it’s not much of a hassle to dispose of these items.

Here are a few tips on how to dispose of appliances, electronics, and furniture from Infinite Disposal.

Electronic Waste Disposal

1. Check with your local trash disposal service

Trash disposal services can have different rules for electronic trash disposal or even their own separate trash collection program. The first thing to do is simply get in touch with them and see what sorting and disposal rules they have in place.

2. Rent a roll-off dumpster

Roll-off dumpsters are a very simple way for Colorado Springs homeowners to dispose of their trash, from small electronic devices to smaller furniture items and more. With this option, you remove the risk of having to haul these heavy items yourself and potentially get injured.

3. Find a local household hazardous waste facility

Electronics sometimes have materials that are considered hazardous, so taking them to a household hazardous waste facility is the safest way to make sure you get these items out of your home.

4. Donate them

If your electronics still work, you might not have to dispose of them at all. Selling them can get you a bit of pocket money and the old electronics out of your house. 

Appliance Disposal

1. Sell them (even just for parts)

If you’re upgrading your appliances but the old ones still work, consider selling them instead of throwing them out. It can be as easy as making a post on social media. Even if they don’t work perfectly, they may be sold for spare parts.

2. Donate your old, working appliances

The alternative would be to donate your working older appliances to someone who needs them, like a shelter or a community group.

3. Swap the old for new

See if the store where you’re buying new appliances offers removal services as well. You’ll often get great prices if you bundle these services!

4. Call your local trash provider

Again, your local trash provider could have these types of services in place too. Be sure to give them a quick call to ask!

Furniture Disposal

1. Try selling your used furniture

If your old furniture is perfectly fine and you’re just looking for an upgrade, try finding the old one a new home before disposing of it.

2. Donate old furniture to a local charity

Charities rely on community donations to function, and not just in terms of money. A piece of furniture can greatly help them out, so if you have a local charity you love, see if they might need some extra furniture.

3. Ask your local trash provider

Trash providers can pick up old furniture, but they might need to come better prepared, so give them a heads up and see if they can pick up your old furniture.

Infinite Disposal Is Here to Help

Colorado Springs homeowners might be surprised to know that disposing of furniture, electronics, or appliances isn’t always part of the standard trash-collecting package. It’s really important to contact your provider first to check if they can pick up these items, otherwise, you can be stuck with them on your curb.

If you need some extra help taking such items out of your home and disposing of them safely, we at Infinite Disposal are more than happy to assist. We offer trash collecting and recycling services to help homeowners in the Colorado Springs area dispose of their garbage swiftly and in a hassle-free way.

If you want to learn more about our services and how we can help, feel free to reach out to us directly online or call our team at (719) 999-0500 for a chat. Infinite Disposal looks forward to taking your trash out of your home and off your hands!