Reducing Your Family’s Use of Plastic

Aug 16, 2021

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Every year about 500 billion plastic bags are produced globally. Americans alone use approximately 100 billion plastic bags per year, with every person using an average of 365 plastic bags annually. These statistics are shocking. It gets even worse because plastic use is everywhere – textiles, product packaging, mobile phones, cosmetic products, and more.

The use of plastic is so widespread in our lives that even after pledging to not use plastic anymore, you can’t avoid but use it unintentionally on a few occasions; it could be a water bottle, plastic straws, or carrier bags. The reality is that plastic doesn’t decompose when disposed of. So, it’s crucial to reduce its use to keep our environment more habitable. Generally, reducing your family’s use of plastic is easy.

Here are few tips that’ll get you started on the right foot:

  • Spread the Awareness at Home

Perhaps your child already has an impressive LEGO collection that they’re hesitant to let go of and although you as a parent can’t get rid of it, this shouldn’t dissuade you from eliminating the use of plastic as much as practically possible. For example you can start by teaching them the importance of not using plastic. Try and encourage your children to pick refilled water bottles and ensure they hang onto them. Check for other bottles or plastic containers in your home that can be disposed of. For instance, instead of buying a plastic bottle of liquid soap, you can opt for bar soap.

  • Avoid Single-use Plastics

It’s no secret that single-use plastics like cutlery, plates, and drinking straws make our lives a lot easier. They can equally harm the environment. Rather than using these products, opt for more sustainable alternatives such as reusable steel or paper straws, pottery, natural fiber, and bamboo products. These alternatives are viable and eco-friendly. You can also replace your plastic bags with better, reusable options such as tote bags or cloth sacks. Get one from your local supermarket or create your own if you can use a sewing machine.

  • Recycle

Recycling plastic is another great way to eliminate or reduce plastic from your home. However, remember that not all types of plastics are recyclable, only specific items such as plant pots, beverage bottles, compostable bags, etc. can be easily recycled. Plus, it helps to know your area’s plastic recycling codes and what things your plant can and can’t recycle. That way, it’ll be easier for you to sort out recyclables in your home.

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  • Purchase Items in Bulk

Another way to minimize plastic use in your home is to start purchasing your items in bulk. Buying large quantities of food items like pasta,beans & rice, and cereal can significantly reduce packaging waste. Let the kids help you decorate and label the reusable containers, preferably glass jars, for every item. Then sort the items into their respective containers.

  • Avoid Microbeads

Ditch any bath or body products containing synthetic microbeads exfoliants and instead go for natural exfoliating substances such as nut scrubs and sugar scrubs. The same applies to toothpaste and face wash products with ingredients like polypropylene and polyethylene since they likely have microbeads. Though they may seem tiny, these small plastic beads travel down the drain, finally flowing to lakes and rivers. Hence, they can cause significant harm if consumed by aquatic creatures like fish.

  • Never Litter

Sometimes circumstances can force you to use plastic, and that is fine. But that doesn’t mean you litter the environment. Dispose of the plastic properly for recycling. Waste left on the ground can blow into rivers and even to the ocean, endangering the ecosystem.

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Reducing plastic use in your home requires a change in habits and a little common sense. Follow the tips mentioned above to ensure your home is clean and safe. You can also consider using our waste management services at Infinite Disposal to help keep your home clean and environmentally friendly. Please contact us online today or call us directly at (719) 999-0500 for exclusive trash and recycling services.