Four Ways to Dispose of Yard Waste

Yard Waste

Summer is here, and with it comes a lot of yard waste from storm damage to everyday clean-up. Yard waste disposal is a headache if you don’t know how to properly eliminate all that natural junk. However, depending on where you live, there may be multiple ways to dispose of your waste without much extra work. 

What is Yard Waste?

Sometimes the definition of yard waste can be a little stretched a little, and people tend to throw stuff in with their yard waste that they shouldn’t. It is vital to know what counts and what doesn’t to keep prices reasonable and service regular. Yard waste includes any organic debris created during the care of your property, including things like grass clippings, weeds, bushes and stumps, branches and sticks, plants, and leaves. Some companies may have rules surrounding how yard waste is disposed of, like sticks being bundled together. 

How to Properly Dispose of Yard Waste

Knowing how to properly dispose of your yard waste will make life easier for you and is better for the environment. Your waste disposal company will appreciate it too. 

Call Your Local Waste Removal Provider 

Yard waste disposal will often be a service that your regular waste disposal company provides. Some companies have dedicated yard waste bins that they pick up every week, while others will only pick up biodegradable bags by appointment. Most companies will offer some combination of these services to give homeowners a choice. 

Rent a Roll-Off Dumpster

If you know you have a big job ahead of you, a roll-off dumpster is probably your best bet. You can schedule a time and place that works best for you for the dumpster to be dropped off and picked up. Most roll-off dumpsters offer flexible rental periods, so you can keep the dumpster for as long as your project takes. Once you are done, all the debris will be removed at once, leaving behind a manicured property and no stress. 

Hire a Junk Removal Company

Some junk removal companies offer semi-convenient yard waste services but can be expensive. On the plus side, they will come to your load and remove the waste; however, you have to be on-site when they pick it up, and they won’t quote you a price until they get there. In addition, services like this usually charge by how much space the debris takes up in their truck, so they are usually not ideal for large jobs. 

Find a Local Yard Waste Collection Location

If you want to save a little money and do the heavy lifting yourself, you can find your local yard waste collection location and drop off your waste there. The only problem with this idea is high gas prices, and multiple trips will likely cost you more than any of these other services in the long run. You also have to trade off the time it takes to drop off each load for the convenience of having someone pick it up from your house. 

What Works Best for You?

It all comes down to what services are available in your area, the amount of yard waste you need to get rid of, and what resources you want to allocate toward yard waste removal. Unlike trash and recycling, yard waste is not a year-round service in most areas, so now is the time to schedule your roll-off dumpster or other pick-up services before waste removal companies get too busy. Once you have decided how your yard waste will be hauled away, the hardest part is done. Before you know it, you’ll be kicking back in the shade of your debris-free yard.